Thursday, June 18, 2020

They Best NOT Mask US! June 18, 2020 | State Masking Mandate - Dr. Teresa Frankovich

“They are reminded that face coverings are not a replacement for other EVIDENCE-BASED measures such as physical distancing, ...” 

Would LOVE to see the NEW scientific data and evidence that backs up and requires changing current Guidance, to a Statewide Mandate. There certainly better be more than the original, “limited evidence to suggest” they COULD help, and “MAY BE HELPFUL when COMBINED” with primary interventions.” 

Are the “primary interventions” mandated now too? 
Masks and face-covers are not a substitute for any of the primary, evidence-based interventions. They may increase risk of infection and spread, if using them reduces use of effective interventions. Guess what? That’s exactly what happens too — face-coverers feel more protected than they are. Worse, feeling superior, they run ‘round yelling and shaming non-maskers, who may actually be protecting everyone better!  Non-maskers use all the effective interventions that many  of these ‘Karens” neglect.  Face-coverings, with their false sense of effectiveness, and all the masking shenanigans, are distracting, and that’s dangerous.

False feelings of effectiveness.
By NOT wearing a mask or covering my face, I’m less distracted, more protected, and I’m protecting those around me more, than a face-coverer who neglects social distancing, and forgets to frequently wash their hands, and makes more non-essential trips from home. I don’t fault them their higher-risk behavior — I understand the false feeling of protection their inferior intervention is giving them.

I challenge the motivation of mandating face-covering masks — 
they must be combined with primary interventions or they are dangerous.

June 18th 2020
Should I wear a mask?
California’s public health officials released guidance on April 1 ... The guidance DOES NOT REQUIRE people to wear face coverings ...

The use of cloth face coverings COULD reduce the transmission of COVID-19 by individuals who do not have symptoms ... officials also CAUTION that face coverings MAY INCREASE RISK ...

Face Coverings Guidance:
There MAY be a benefit to reducing asymptomatic transmission ... However, face coverings MAY increase risk...

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