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Public Comment Appeals For City Council Aug Meeting

CC: Manager, Council 
August 1, 2023

August 2023, City Of Trinidad Council Meeting, Public Comment Period

Please include, and post in the public comments section on our new website.

Mike Morgan
Former City Councilman 
Intended Candidate, November 5, 2024

City Appeals Processes 

If we can, shouldn’t we do better?

There should be a section dedicated to appeals on our website. At each stage of governance, residents have an absolute right to due process, including the right to fair and impartial appeals. Morals and values matter, most. Right versus wrong, good versus bad, all logic should proceed from morality. Aggrieved persons should have easy access to publicly stated procedures, forms and requirements. Every decision from Planning through City Resolutions and Ordinances should include clear, concise information on the appeals process.

Political Transparency & Accountability

I’ll first mention that I intend to run for City Council in next year’s election. Why mention this now? The two expiring councilmember terms are currently occupied by corrupt and ethically challenged individuals who sued me and my business, and I may end up running against them.

How does this relate to City Appeals? Had a forthright, easily accessible and legally required appeals process been in place, there likely would have been no unprecedented lawsuits with their abusive waste of time, tax payer money and goodwill. The corrupt City Manager and City Lawyer, both whom I’m shocked are still employed and retained by this new City Council, would have not blown up our annual legal budget over $100,000, after years at $5,000. Also likely with a better appeals process —including more timely and complete notifications and less plotting behind closed door sessions— our lodging businesses would not have been as hurt by 6 months of income lost from two egregiously deficient City Short Term Rental, STR Moratorium closures.

Planning Appeal - Council Appeal

My prompting issue concerns appealing City Planning decisions to the City Council. This seems relatively straightforward, so why do I now expand my request to include our City Council appeals process? Quite simply, concurrently addressing both processes would preempt another fiasco. The City already spent unprecedented time and money with its lawfare against me. In addition to 6 months of lost income from STR taxes, it also risked losses from counter lawsuits related to its poorly written and misused 2020 STR Moratorium Urgency Zoning Ordinance. I’ll provide accompanying information and documentation relating to my negative experiences at our next meeting. That “taste” will show the crazy amount of time we all wasted fighting City mistakes and corruption.

Lawfare and adversarial City actions should and can be easily avoided. A clear set of appeal procedures and requirements and up front notifications are required. Emotionally driven City actions are inevitable and will inevitably create problems. A better appeals process will preempt some of these problems.

We can, and should, do better.

There should be a section dedicated to all City Of Trinidad Appeals on our website.

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Elections: Shasta Dumps Dominion

Elections: Shasta Dumps Dominion

How do you knock out decades old
election corruption?

With Common Sense, Shasta Showing California How It’s Done!

#ShastaCalifornia #GuardTheVote #NeverForget2020 #DemandBetterGetBetter 

“After gaining national attention for dumping Dominion Voting Systems and becoming the largest entity in the United States to resort to hand-counting ballots, the Shasta County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday waded into another issue roiling right-wing America...” — LA Times Story Jul 25, 2023

Excerpts from LA Times Story Mar 1 2023

“...California county dumps Dominion voting machines”

Supervisor Kevin Crye... also announced at Tuesday’s board meeting that he had been in touch with MyPillow Chief Executive Mike Lindell... about supporting a pilot voting system in the rural Northern California county.

In an interview Wednesday from an airplane on descent into Washington, D.C., Lindell said he was “pretty proud” of Shasta. “Every county should do that,” he said. “I think that’s great that they’re leading the way in California.”

Election Summit, Mike Lindell: On August 16th and 17th I am hosting an event to unveil this plan to the nation, and you will be able to view this for free via livestream. This is broadcasting in 80 languages so everyone can hear and understand the message. Some of the key speakers are myself, Kari Lake, General Flynn, Rudi Guliani, and others. Additionally, representatives from all 50 states will be there to update you on the status of elections in each state. You will come away from this event with renewed hope, and the calls to action you will need to help secure our election platforms.

Shasta Board Chairman Patrick Jones: “There is a great sense they would like to return to something simpler and safer, and more secure from outside hacking,”...

Supervisor Mary Rickert, one of two board members who voted to keep Dominion, ... “You don’t understand, our government is being overthrown,”...

Q 1803 Aug 2 2018

How do you safeguard the integrity of our elections...
Why are D’s opposed to cleaning up voter rolls?
Why are D’s opposed to imposing VOTER ID LAWS to further safeguard our elections? Why oppose basic ‘common sense’ methods that are currently deployed WW?

Logical thinking. Corruption.

“You don’t understand, our government is being overthrown,..”

Doesn’t Q post 1803 seem more logical than Supervisor Mary Rickert hysterically saying “...our government is being overthrown,” simply by returning to pre-machine, hand counted paper ballots used for decades?

Dumping the machines is reportedly 10X less costly than using them.

Texas has stipulated additional requirements, which the Dominion machines are unable to satisfy, such as that each ballot has a unique number so it can be traced.

Not all states put these unique numbers on ballots, such as California...

Trump: The machines were "turned down by Texas and many others because they were not good or secure."

Verdict: It's true that Texas did not provide certification for the machines.

US election 2020: Is Trump right about Dominion machines? Nov 17 2020

Today, we begin a new chapter investigating the continuing saga of 2020 Election fraud allegations.



DOJ Indictment Of Trump Is A Declaration Of War Against American Voters

The idea that our Justice Department can indict someone, especially the sitting president’s main political rival, over speech that’s protected by the First Amendment is simply insane. It puts us firmly into banana republic territory, where tinpot dictators jail their political opponents ahead of election day to ensure their “reelection.”

Simply put, this indictment is nothing more than a declaration of war against American voters and their constitutional right to free speech. As Jonathan Turley noted on Twitter, “If you take a red pen to all of the material presumptively protected by the First Amendment, you can reduce much of the indictment to haiku.”

Federalist Story Aug 2 2023

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Shasta supervisors declare county a 2nd Amendment fortress in war on guns

Shasta Showing California How It’s Done! #ShastaCalifornia #2A #GuardTheVote

Shasta supervisors declare county a 2nd Amendment fortress in ‘war on guns’

After gaining national attention for dumping Dominion Voting Systems and becoming the largest entity in the United States to resort to hand-counting ballots, the Shasta County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday waded into another issue roiling right-wing America: an unwavering defense of gun rights.

By a 4-0 vote, the board approved a resolution declaring that the county would “use all lawful means at its disposal to support and defend the Second Amendment.”

I love my county! πŸ˜πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🎯

Sunday, June 25, 2023

The moment of truth by Martin Geddes

The moment of truth

The cost of keeping the lie alive eventually becomes too high and it collapses



JUN 24, 2023

How the world really is…

The moment of truth is as much about who we each are as vulnerable individuals, as it is about the wider and wicked world.

Sometimes that truth is ugly. But it is the truth. And its time has come.

This is and will be a most helpful share for waking wonders worldwide. It’s now my go to #1 share for those first people who’ll be asking me Questions. #WWG1WGA #THEGREATAWAKENING #SAVETHECHILDREN 


Excerpts From Burning Bright’s Substack:

A hope named Q. 

The Great Awakening is a framed narrative.

We knew the end of the story from the outset, even if challenges of faith and seven years of psychological warfare by a deeply-entrenched, increasingly desperate satanic cabal has put that framing into question for each of us at times.

After all, while many of us stumbled upon those prescient, fateful questions by mistake—or were guided by unseen hands—the choice to follow them to their logical, paradigm-shattering endpoints was entirely each and all of ours.

We in this community don’t exist to spread the truth. Not any longer. That part of the tale is done, and the enemy has picked up the baton from us in their seething, spitting desperation. They will germinate the seeds of awakening we planted some time ago with their immolative attempts to obscure them, and we will be here to be the frame and support upon which those fresh green chutes and curling, fragile, eager creepers of curiosity climb, and whose buds and blossoms will begin to move through the colors of awakening each of us went through in a different time, and through harder earth.

See also: Chris Paul’s Be Reasonable Substack 

Why we have to stop clinging to ill-formed beliefs • Pursue perspective, not answers 

Chris Paul, July 27, 2023 

The Endgame 072723 - The Cat Goes Baaa

Part One: Those Wacky Anons

Society's most dangerous bogeyman may have returned on Truth Social. Why isn't the media warning us?

Chis Paul, April 3, 2022

History will remember Anons as among the best and brightest America has to offer… 

History will remember the people who tried to learn from Anons and from the Q community as open-minded citizens who cared about their families, friends, and neighbors enough to help preserve our great country.

We used to understand what it meant when a group of people had their rights and dignity stripped from them.

Part One: Those Wacky Anons

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Trump Truth Joe Biden has illegally taken millions

Trump Truth: Joe Biden has illegally taken millions… 

TruthSocial  realDonaldTrump

Many say that it’s 100 times bigger than Watergate, and yet the Mainstream Media doesn’t even report the fact that Joe Biden has illegally taken millions and millions of dollars from China, Ukraine, and many other countries. Is that why Biden is allowing China to build MILITARY FACILITIES in Cuba, why hundreds of billions of dollars are given, without any control, to Ukraine, or why we allow the Cartels to totally run our horrendous OPEN BORDER? We are a corrupt Country with a corrupt Media!

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Gay Liberation, wtf happened!?

“Gay Liberation” in the late 1960s and 70s was a virtuous movement, focusing on ending the wicked bullying and violence against gay youth and adults.

“… and you, and you, and you, 
you have got to give them hope.”

How was this virtuous movement hijacked? Purportedly, to combat societal shaming, “LGB Pride” was rolled out. It has now become something else entirely. “LGBT…” implicitly aims to erase all identities and boundaries: male and female; straight and gay. Now, these confused people want us to accept vice as virtue. I do not. 

Community good done in the 70s has been overshadowed by a “woke” and degenerate infiltration, and we’re over the cliff.

Obviously excepting the violence and real-world discrimination gays faced, things were arguably better when we were just gays and straights. Now, I respectfully acknowledge “gay-men” or “gay-women”, the rest is ruined. That’s as far as I go with a group that I used to consider “family” — no longer.

Watch this:  

“Got Hope?”  Harvey Milk

California City News

“Harvey Milk was the first openly gay person elected into office in 1977. His speech, ‘You Cannot Live on Hope Alone’, still resonates to this day. Milk was assassinated shortly after giving this speech in 1978.”

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Adam Schiff Censured, Ethics Investigation Next

✅ Adam Schiff censured. House GOP Tweet

Ethics Investigation Next

Adam Schiff, Representative from the 30th congressional district of California, has been censured and referred to ethics for an investigation.

Anna Paulina Luna 

@realannapaulina Truth Social

Monday, March 6, 2023

J6 DC Wasn’t An Insurrection?!

J6 DC Wasn’t A Deadly Insurrection?! 

⚠️ DRAFT 🚧  Still collecting and updating thoughts and opinions and resources on J6 and other the lies and corruption currently being exposed — updated March 7, 2023

The Truth is Finally Coming Out. 

It Wasn’t Deadly for Anyone Except Ashley Babbitt. May All The Other Political Lies Be Exposed And Truth Come Out.

Civil and Constitutional Rights violations related to J6 and Covid-19 mandates and policies should be investigated and violators should be held accountable. Color of law violations should be investigated with trials and prosecutions and restitutions.

More Truth Coming? 

Truth Will Finally Start Bringing Americans Together. 

I’m Watching for These and More:

2020 Election not secure, fraud

Inflation not transitory, recession 

Ukraine War not about democracy, biolabs & weapons

President Trump, basically right about everything!

PCR Covid-19 numbers & death reports — lies

Covid-19 not a pandemic

Covid-19 not a natural coronavirus 

Covid-19 not from Wuhan wet market 

Sending “uninfected” elderly to care homes with outbreaks not safe or needed

Ventilators not safe or needed for Covid-19

Remdesevir and midazolam not lifesaving, HCQ and Ivermectin are effective 

Lockdowns not needed

Masks did not work against viruses

mRNA “vaxxs” did not stop contraction

Shots did not stop transmission

Vaxx “immunity” is a lie, they are not safe or effective or better than natural immunity

Unvaccinated were not at more risk

Unvaccinated were not more dangerous 

Travel restrictions useless against pandemics

Schools should not have been forced to close

Churches should not have been forced to close

Businesses should not have been forced to close

Emissions driven climate warming is untrue

Central Banks, Digital Currency, Digital ID, Green New Deal, Great Reset, World Economic Forum, Vaxx Passes, not about health and safety, they are about surveillance and control.

Marxist, communist, and radical “woke” progressivism, intersectionalism and racism are destructive to our country’s social unity and to our Republic overall.


J6 Lies and More Lies Exposed

Tucker Clips: 

Deadly Insurrection Lies

More Lies, Lies, Lies …

and more

Jordan Sather J6 Lies, LockdownFiles, CPAC23, Gavin and Snowy Humboldt Hay Drops

X22 J6 Exposure:

J6 Exposed Posts:

Recent Trump: 

RETRIBUTION 2023 CPAC Is More Like An Election Year Rally!

Streamed on: Mar 4, 5:30 pm EST

LIVE: President Donald Trump Delivers Remarks at CPAC

President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland on March 3rd, 2023.

Covid-19 and Lockdowns 

Never Forget the the way the EVIL talking heads persecuted the ‘UnVaxxed’

The largest PSYOP in human history…

Never EVER Forget. 


Mar 05, 2023, 5:54 PM

UK: Midazolam

CARE homes have been accused of using powerful sedatives to make coronavirus victims die more quickly. 

Prescriptions for the drug midazolam rocketed during the height of the pandemic, with some claiming it has “turned end-of-life care into euthanasia”.

UK: LockdownFiles

The Lockdown Files show the nature of government during the Covid pandemic and how, despite public claims to always “follow the science”, key decisions were made on the fly for political reasons.



Patriots, Anons and Q Research:

Martin Geddes Substack:

Freedom often hangs by the thread of that one last holdout against the normalisation of persecution and imposition of tyranny “for the general good”.

The bottom line is this: when fighting a system that has weaponised legislative law in order to enact tyranny, then your defence is constitutional law as the peaceful alternative to a bloody uprising. As members of the public we cannot all master legislative law, and that is intentional, since it makes us dependent upon lawyers for liberty and justice. In contrast, by mastering a few simple principles of constitutional law, we are empowered to stand our ground, individually and collectively.

Individual liberty is only sustained by individual acts of conscience.


The Total Reset of Everything

April 14, 2021 By Martin Geddes

Reference X22 Q Anon:

WWG1WGA  πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ