Sunday, June 25, 2023

The moment of truth by Martin Geddes

The moment of truth

The cost of keeping the lie alive eventually becomes too high and it collapses



JUN 24, 2023

How the world really is…

The moment of truth is as much about who we each are as vulnerable individuals, as it is about the wider and wicked world.

Sometimes that truth is ugly. But it is the truth. And its time has come.

This is and will be a most helpful share for waking wonders worldwide. It’s now my go to #1 share for those first people who’ll be asking me Questions. #WWG1WGA #THEGREATAWAKENING #SAVETHECHILDREN 


Excerpts From Burning Bright’s Substack:

A hope named Q. 

The Great Awakening is a framed narrative.

We knew the end of the story from the outset, even if challenges of faith and seven years of psychological warfare by a deeply-entrenched, increasingly desperate satanic cabal has put that framing into question for each of us at times.

After all, while many of us stumbled upon those prescient, fateful questions by mistake—or were guided by unseen hands—the choice to follow them to their logical, paradigm-shattering endpoints was entirely each and all of ours.

We in this community don’t exist to spread the truth. Not any longer. That part of the tale is done, and the enemy has picked up the baton from us in their seething, spitting desperation. They will germinate the seeds of awakening we planted some time ago with their immolative attempts to obscure them, and we will be here to be the frame and support upon which those fresh green chutes and curling, fragile, eager creepers of curiosity climb, and whose buds and blossoms will begin to move through the colors of awakening each of us went through in a different time, and through harder earth.

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Chris Paul, July 27, 2023 

The Endgame 072723 - The Cat Goes Baaa

Part One: Those Wacky Anons

Society's most dangerous bogeyman may have returned on Truth Social. Why isn't the media warning us?

Chis Paul, April 3, 2022

History will remember Anons as among the best and brightest America has to offer… 

History will remember the people who tried to learn from Anons and from the Q community as open-minded citizens who cared about their families, friends, and neighbors enough to help preserve our great country.

We used to understand what it meant when a group of people had their rights and dignity stripped from them.

Part One: Those Wacky Anons