Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trinidad Holiday Home Tour - Library Building Fundraiser

Today, Sunday from 2-6pm

Start at Town Hall and come visit open businesses, homes, the Museum and Churches, craft fair at Trinidad School till 4pm. Caroling and carriage rides and all of us townsfolk wishing you Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Inspiring Courage Jonah Mowry .. His YouTube Link

From his update:

"In the last few months everything eventually came out in the open, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders; I'm happy, I'm excepted for who I am, I'm more confident and feel stronger every day.
Thank you all, Love and peace to all who are hurting."
That link may not work on some mobile phones.

From GMA this AM:

Jonah Mowry Interview: Discusses 'Whats Goin On' Video - 'You Can Be Happy, You Just Have to Try'
Bullied teen whose Internet video went viral

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trinidad Library Post ..

Trinidad Branch Library, Humboldt County, California

You can donate to the building fund anytime, but if you want to be a "founding father or business" donating to the library, and be listed on the poster that will come out soon, please contact Patti Fleschner by next Tuesday, December 6 at ..

Post from their Facebook announcement. Thanks for supporting our little village's library construction project.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ned Simmons (1939-2011)

Ned's Interment was last Saturday at Trinidad Cemetery. He was a dear friend of mine and of many in our community.

In true Ned style, he scripted a fun afternoon for his friends as a celebration of his life. The afternoon started with a nice service at his church, Sts. Martha & Mary Mission. From the church to the cemetery, Ned had his fellow Trinidad Volunteer Firefighters carry his ashes in our rescue basket in a bag pipe led parade - good one Ned!

There was a great reception after at Trinidad Town Hall. Per his bidding, there was 'no open mic'. This was smart because we'd all still be talking about this wonderful man.

Ned's friend and next-door neighbor, Jan West, shared a wonderful slideshow of his paintings with quotes from his writings. Art was a passion for Ned. He even turned his historic home into Trinidad Art - a gallery showcasing local artists.

Ned served with many Trinidad organizations like the Trinidad Museum and the Land Trust. Representatives told moving stories of his exemplary service. The Song Circle, where he loved playing his ukulele, honored him with their voices and led us to join in. We enjoyed tasty soup, bread, and wine throughout the reception.

Though I was missing my friend Ned, this was one of those 'Thank God I found Trinidad!' moments we get to share with each other so frequently. Thanks Ned for planning such a great afternoon, and for living such an inspiring life. I'm so lucky to be a part of such a beautiful place filled with such caring people.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

Like most, I always have so much to be thankful for. This Thanksgiving, I have more thank yous to get out than ever before.

I've spent the last six weeks recovering from two bouts of pneumonia and medicine side effects that left me bedridden and dependent on others for my care - two things I avoid at all costs!

Support from family, friends, and caregivers has been rock solid. The kindness of our Trinidad community has overwhelmed me. Food, flowers, cards and calls, friendly visits and lots of loving well-wishes have given me strength and helped me heal.

I'm happy with my health progress and finally feel like I'm myself again. My strength is coming back more everyday, and I'll be back to running round and causing trouble any day now.

Can't think of words to express my deep gratitude, other than these heart-felt two

Thank You!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ned Simmons

See you on the other side dear friend

I will miss your Human Nature, and will always honor your Spiritual Nature :)

Love you, Mike

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PBS Newshour: Does U.S. Economic Inequality Have a Good Side?

I enjoyed this viewpoint - on PBS!

A new Congressional Budget Office analysis supports the idea that income inequality has grown considerably over the past few decades. As part of his Making Sen$e series on economic inequality, Paul Solman talks to libertarian law professor Richard Epstein, who argues that wealth inequality acts as a driving force for innovation.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DADT Dun! - U.S. soldier comes out to his father

The SFGate story with a link to his video ... U.S. soldier comes out to his father

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Engineering Ground Zero - 9|11 Memorial and WTC1

PBS - Engineering Ground Zero Link

Ron Paul Ad - link to his site

I did not know ...

Trust - Reagan endorsement/Gore and Perry

'He’s touted the fact that he was early to endorse Reagan when he ran for President in 1976. But then argues that the government ran away under Reagan and spent too much. Paul left the GOP at the end of Reagan’s presidency and ran himself as a Libertarian.'

8:38 Rep Debate 9/7/11

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I like some of his ideas presented in his summary, and NO, I'm not a registered Republican. I'm an open-minded, independant NP!

Like ...
Reducing the corporate income tax rate to 25 percent
Cutting discretionary spending by 5 percent
Returning authority to the states
As president, Romney will hold the line on individual income tax rates and eliminate taxes on interest, dividends, and capital gains for low - and middle- income taxpayers. He will eliminate the estate tax. And he will pursue a conservative overhaul that applies lower and flatter rates to a broader tax base.
Mitt Romney will rebuild the foundations of the American economy on the principles of free enterprise, hard work, and innovation. His plan emphasizes critical structural adjustments rather than short-term fixes. It seeks to reduce taxes, spending, regulation, and government programs. It seeks to increase trade, energy production, human capital, and labor flexibility. It relinquishes power to the states instead of claiming to have the solution to every problem. The plan does not increase the size of the federal budget or bureaucracy. To the contrary, it cuts spending and streamlines regulation.
Read more for yourself ... Mitt's Plan Summary

Monday, July 4, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Trinidad Skatepark Alliance: Meet the skaters of the Alliance

Trinidad Skatepark Alliance: Meet the skaters of the Alliance: "(Rory on the left, Kyle on the right) Say 'hello' to Rory and Kyle, two ambassadors of the Trinidad Skatepark Alliance. One night, after the big City Council meeting at Town Hall (See two posts back) Rory walked a community member home so she wouldn't have to walk alone, in the dark, late at night. Kyle recently wrote an essay for school. The theme: Why Trinidad should have a skatepark. According to his mom, his teacher referred to his "excellent skateboarding essay" on his progress report. ..."

Trinidad Skatepark Alliance

A grassroots organization founded in 2010. Trinidad is a small fishing village located in northern Humboldt County, CA. Our organization is dedicated to the forward movement of keeping kids outdoors, on their skateboards in a safe environment through the efforts of community organization and mobilization. We serve the town of Trinidad, neighboring communities in the northwest region of Humboldt County, and anyone who wishes to visit and skate in Trinidad.

They love comments .. so stop by, read their posts, and say hello