Friday, March 25, 2011

Trinidad Skatepark Alliance: Meet the skaters of the Alliance

Trinidad Skatepark Alliance: Meet the skaters of the Alliance: "(Rory on the left, Kyle on the right) Say 'hello' to Rory and Kyle, two ambassadors of the Trinidad Skatepark Alliance. One night, after the big City Council meeting at Town Hall (See two posts back) Rory walked a community member home so she wouldn't have to walk alone, in the dark, late at night. Kyle recently wrote an essay for school. The theme: Why Trinidad should have a skatepark. According to his mom, his teacher referred to his "excellent skateboarding essay" on his progress report. ..."

Trinidad Skatepark Alliance

A grassroots organization founded in 2010. Trinidad is a small fishing village located in northern Humboldt County, CA. Our organization is dedicated to the forward movement of keeping kids outdoors, on their skateboards in a safe environment through the efforts of community organization and mobilization. We serve the town of Trinidad, neighboring communities in the northwest region of Humboldt County, and anyone who wishes to visit and skate in Trinidad.

They love comments .. so stop by, read their posts, and say hello

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  1. The Trinidad City Council will receive information, suggestions and recommendations from a Trinidad Area community committee - modeled on our recent Trinidad Vacation Dwelling Unit Ordinance Committee.

    Check our City of Trinidad Website ( for more information and signing up to participate in a few weeks.


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