Monday, January 26, 2009

McK News Gets Town Riled Up - If You're Not Part of the Solution ...

One of my favorite sayings - "Trinidad is a small Town with big personalities and even bigger opinions." Another one is from the last Council meeting - "Keep It Simple Stupid" (KISS).

I hear you.

Really Simple Solution:
Councilmembers who were involved in these email discussions, between a majority of the Council, should accept that what they did was poor judgement at best, apologize to our Townspeople for breaking their trust, and commit to not do it again. Dun.

McK News Gets Town Riled Up
Story: Uproar Over Trinidad Councilman's Blog. People are definitely reading the local paper and their Blog. Mostly, I think it was a fair article. As far as violations of trust go - that is what this is all about. But it's not about my violating the 4 individual Councilmember's trust to keep this away from the public. The violation of our Townspeople's trust by the Council having discussions like these, and apparently making decisions out of public scrutiny, is what's important here.

It should be clarified that these emails were not "private" nor should they have been. When a majority of the Council is communicating about subject matter jurisdiction items, like these, those discussions should be public and decisions to act should be made in and with the public's interest in mind - not just the interest of the individual Councilmembers who are participating. These emails were circulated within a majority of the Council at the time, and with Staff, and they were sent to me by Councilmembers.

If You're Not Part of the Solution ...
Before you get lost in He Said/She Said Land, I suggest you see my Report: Encouraging Controversy and Eroding Trust? - Previous Council's Email "Discussions" (link) for background, or at least read the emails sent to me and why I posted them (link). Then you'll make a more informed choice when you choose to be part of the solution, or part of continuing the problem. Getting informed, from the emails themselves, will help you avoid being trapped in the sometimes side-show like appearance of our town's politics.

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  1. Mike, keep up the good work and posts. Julie, being a former member of the Board of Supervisors, should know that they are playing on the margin in regard to the Brown Act. Also, where is the city manager and city attorney on this issue?

  2. Unfortunately, I cannot discuss the City Attorney's position because it is cloaked in confidentiality at the moment. I'm working on getting it our in the open though.

    You'll have to ask the City Manager his position (677-0223) ... I don't think he'll blog about it. He has been supportive about working with me and the Council on this. There is not much he can do except monitor their communications, when they include him. He has said that the activity has stopped.

  3. From Rose Email:

    Just remember this: Good Government is Boring.

    When things are running smoothly, people pay attention to other things. When people start paying attention, or you have a big crowd at meetings, someone's ox has been gored.


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