Monday, May 11, 2009

Prop 1A-1E Failing Could Trigger State Money "Grab"

Don't get too excited - yet. Do get informed, vote, and be prepared for alternatives if you vote against our administration's recommendations.

As an apparent "vote yes or else" tactic, our state administration has indicated the option of borrowing property tax revenues under 2004's Prop 1A. This would apparently be a consideration if the proposed 1A-1E fail. Given the mood of people I've spoken with, there'd better be a new push at explaining why we need 1A-1E, and not just the specter of what may happen if they fail.

It's my current understanding that essentially the state is depending on these initiatives passing, and looking to what options are if they don't. This is the responsible thing to do. They are "planning for the worst" and communicating that to voters in advance. As a scare tactic, it may work for some, and just be amusing to others.

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