Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Social Networking Butterflies

Social Networking Butterflies: Cities Enhance Government 2.0 Efforts

Written by Lance Howland
July 7, 2009

Some excerpts:

"This spring, Newsom got together with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone to announce the new capability for residents to tweet to the city’s 3-1-1 city service line about, for example, potholes, overflowing garbage or an abandoned truck in a back alleyway."


“He’s a huge proponent of using new media,” said Julie Wong, a senior adviser to Garcetti. “City government should be more efficient about both getting the word out about services that are available and actually delivering the service.”


"The Los Angeles Fire Department is on Twitter, posting quick items telling the public about calls they’re rolling on, for example this entry on July 1: “*Cliff Rescue* 4100 S. Gaffey St.; MAP 854-B2; FS 48; one person over the side near point fermin; unknown condition;nfd; Ch:7,13 @7:57 PM”

PublicCEO.com Article [link]

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