Friday, January 1, 2010

Trinidad 10 for '10 - Has It Only Been A Year?

trinidad's southern coastline with Coastal National Monument sea stacks

Has It Only Been A Year? Sometimes it feels like four already (lol). So, one down and four to go as a Trinidad's newest city councilmember.

New Year's Post-2010:

What a great holiday season we had in Trinidad! Lots of fun events with neighbors and family and new friends! See our Trinidad Chamber of Commerce Jan'10 Blog for some highlights. Hope everyone had a great time celebrating their holidays. Assessing last year, I'm not only grateful for the many blessings received, but also for the challenging opportunities I've been given. Looking forward to 2010 with the same personal guides as last year

Feel Good

Be Kind

Share Joy

Happy New Year!

For The Council It's Mostly the Same As '09. Finishing a list is fun. Honoring progress with patience and determined focus is important to finishing. We made some good progress on a few of these last year. Added more than subtracted to it for this year, but I'm looking forward to marking several off by next. Wish us luck!

No Particular Order - They're All Important

  • 1) Water: Quality, Rates, Supply, Infrastructure, Waste, Environmental Impacts, Fire Protection

  • 2) Coast Guard/BLM: Transfer of Trinidad Head Property & Development

  • 3) Local Business and Trinidad Rancheria: Even More Trinidad Support for Projects

  • 4) Trinidad's Conserved 12.5 Acres Management: Review & Implement From City's Perspective

  • 5) Planning: Complete General Plan Update, Ordinance Review & Codification, ADU Ordinance, Sustainability, Simplify Requirements & Procedures

  • 6) Trinidad Beautification: Gateway Oversight, Support Trinidad Community Organizations, Signage, Trails, Beautify City Easements, Fight "Urabanization" -Find Alternatives to More Sidewalks, Signs, Painted Curbs, and Proposed Speed Bumps.

  • 7) View Preservation & Restoration - Continue to Explore 12.5 Acres View Easements and Address Sovereignty Issues With Conveyance, New Sign Ordinance, Replace & Upgrade Street Lights, Utilities Under-grounding, Trail Mapping/Access/View Restoration

  • 8) Encourage Participation in Government: Build Trust by Council Policy and Procedure Reviews, Structure Meetings Better.

  • 9) Neighborhood Conservation & Business Incentives

  • 10) Communications & Infrastructure: Relocate Cell Towers - Accelerate Process & Increase Revenue, Free Wi-Fi for Trinidad - Explore and Implement, Storm Water Treatment, Roads & Parks Completion

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  1. I enjoyed the the first 2010 Chamber Dinner this January. Your presentation was short and sweet, it motivated me to view te Trinidad Chamber web site and view your Blog. Everything is very well done and Trinidad looks excitig!! Great job.
    Evelin Santillan, Fire Captain, CAL FIRE


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