Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Technology, post-Human


Transinfo: “Code Breaker” and 

“Homo Deus”

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Technology, post-Human

Humanism, believing “Man is god”, strives to create a new, enhanced Human with embodied Technology. What could go wrong? Won’t Technology decide it’s better off without us?

“When Christianity died in the west we got communism, fascism, and nazism,” Prager said. “When it dies in the United States, you get what we saw last year and worse.”

#Singularity #AbsoluteRelativism #Humanism #Technology #Technocracy #Transhumanism 

War Room Episode 795 Part 4
The Prager Hour … Dennis Prager on God, Transhumanism, and Why the West is at Stake (w/ Dennis Prager)
March 12, 2021 by Cameron Wallace

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