Monday, February 21, 2022

#thesepeoplearesick not SMARTERx


Is the far woke Left’s fixation on impotent facial coverings some kinda destructive fetish for them?

Despite the negative effects of masking children, despite their impotent “vaccines”, they push for both. The only “science” they are following is political. 

It’s political science theater and it’s unhealthy! Kids and people in Florida have been in school unmasked for years. #thesepeoplearesick #savethechildren 

Playing the Same Old Pandemic Tune, But They Should Catch Up and  #EndEmergencyPowers

The Governor’s “SMARTER” plan appears to be the same stupid plan! Previously banned cures like HCQ and Ivermectin may be allowed, but this reluctant, hypocritical acceptance just further exposes how stupid their plans have been all along.

State and local government power grabs made everything worse. And they haven’t given up! #EndEmergencyPowers 

Did Newsom admit the state’s pandemic responses were wrong and will continue to have lasting negative impacts, especially on children, for years to come? Of course not, but that’s the truth. According to him, “We’re going to beat this virus, and we’re going to realize our ‘California Dream’ for all.” 


There’s been no defeating the virus, no victory, no end in sight. Hasn’t the virus beat him and all his plans? But you’re supposed to go along with this “SMARTER” one now? That doesn’t sound smarter to me. 

Shots Masks Awareness Readiness Testing Education R

See for yourself, and don’t miss the reportedly included “building on current wastewater surveillance” topic.

“CoVId-19” — He was wrong then, wrong again.

Wrong about Stats.

Wrong about Data.

Wrong about FlattenTheCurve.

Wrong About Nursing Homes.

Wrong about Asymptomatic Spread.

Wrong about Surface Spread.

Wrong about Community Spread.

Wrong about Natural Immunity.

Wrong about Therapeutics.

Wring about CDC.

Wrong about Education. 

Wrong about Stay-home.

Wrong about Lockdowns.

Wrong about Track & Trace.

Wrong about Quarantines.

Wrong about Businesses.

Wrong about Schooling. 

Wrong about Churches.

Wrong about Masks.

Wrong about PCR.

Wrong about Testing.

Wrong about Shots.

What was he right about?

Right to follow federal critical infrastructure and support keeping these businesses open, but still wrong to arbitrarily classify groups of businesses and jobs as non-essential based on anecdotal, political ideation, not on scientific experience.

Science is science, it’s not consensus. Coronavirus has been around for centuries.

“Living with COVID-19 under Newsom's plan means boosting the state's surveillance, including increased monitoring of virus remnants in wastewater to watch for the first signs of a surge. Masks won't be required but will be encouraged in many settings.”


Rob Schmitt Tonight (2/18/22) NEWSMAX