Friday, August 12, 2022

4 Percent Tax Increase How ‘Bout No!

Argument Against Tax Increase, Measure P

4% Tax Increase?!!

 City of Trinidad, California — Guest occupancy tax is already at 8%

Argument Against Measure P  

2022 General Election

4% Tax Increase? 

How ‘bout, “No.”

With the highest inflation in decades, and a recession that may lead to a depression, raising taxes and spending is exactly the opposite of what would help our economic crisis.

As reported in our recent budget sessions, the City is sitting on a comfortable reserve, and our City Sales Tax is making up for occupancy taxes and lodging businesses we lost due to the pandemic and restrictions.

Our sales tax was passed with a sunset clause and should have expired a decade ago. It was meant for fire and police. As occupancy taxes were first assessed for supporting tourism-lodging and promotion, these taxes have all been absorbed into the City general fund and spent disproportionately on City expenses and job positions.

It is not a fair increase or a reasonable time to tax our Trinidad guests and visitors more. 

How ‘bout come back to the voters with a 2% increase after we get back to a more stable and sound economy. So maybe it’s not a “No,” but it is a “Not right now.” 

Please support our Trinidad small lodging businesses, their employees and guests, and our community which benefits from our visitors and their stays. 

Michael J. Morgan

Retired Councilmember 2008-12 

Owner, Trinidad Bay Bed & Breakfast Hotel