Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Trinidad Voting Precinct Closed? Who says!

Trinidad Voting Precinct Closed?

Who says!

Super Tuesday 2024

We were shocked to find no voting in town, not at the school, nor at Town Hall.

Worse, not even a public notice placed outside our city office or at the school. The City Manager had nothing to offer, but our Deputy Clerk made a sign for residents showing up after us. 

We’ve been voting here in town for decades. It’s one of our greatest Rights as residents and citizens — “the single most important event we hold in a democracy…” [1] CA,SOS

Voting in person and serving as poll workers in Trinidad has been a unifying experience for our community

For every Election, checking in, marking our ballots in public, and having them count is the minimum We, the People, should accept. #DemandBetterGetBetter

We should not just “mail it in” or drop it in a box to hopefully be verified, counted, and included some several weeks after an Election. And why is this ok now? Is it really because of some politically propagandized seasonal flu 4 years ago, CovID-19? We all know how misled, how scared, and how wrong many of us got that insane event. [2] CDC/CDPH/Graphics

Who decided we now have to drive to some McKinleyville “Voting Center”? Did the Council discuss, pass a Resolution or even weigh in on this mandate? Why not at least inform all of our residents of this change? It’s outrageous to only include some blurb on a mail-in ballot — not everyone gets these. Everyone deserves to know where to cast their ballot or obtain one in person.

Of course Tyler and I sorted out the County website and found where to vote for President Trump, but that’s not the point. Not everyone can disrupt their day for an hour, sort through webpages, and drive miles away to go vote, nor should they have to. 

We can and should do better.

Let’s get back to Election Day voting, one day, in person, paper ballots, no machines. I’d prefer requiring voter citizen ID and a way to audit/check my ballot image online after elections, too. #NeverForget2020 

So, “How do you knock out decades old

election corruption?” [3] Shasta

Take a look at what our own County neighbor, Shasta, has done — CouncilGuyMike blog post: 


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Before each statewide election, thousands of Californians sign up to help put on the single most important event we hold in a democracy. County elections officials depend on reliable, dedicated teams of poll workers to make every Election Day run smoothly.

High School Poll Workers

California Elections Code section 12302 allows eligible high school students to serve as poll workers on Election Day. Student poll workers learn firsthand how elections are run, and provide much needed support at polling place locations. They end their day with a better understanding of the importance of voting and the vital role poll workers play in making our elections run smoothly.

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Elections: Shasta Dumps Dominion

How do you knock out decades old

election corruption? 

With Common Sense, Shasta Showing California How It’s Done!

#ShastaCalifornia #GuardTheVote #NeverForget2020 #DemandBetterGetBetter 

“After gaining national attention for dumping Dominion Voting Systems and becoming the largest entity in the United States to resort to hand-counting ballots, the Shasta County Board of Supervisors…”