Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thanks for Voting NO!

Good City Council meeting last night - didn't get too pummeled 'going against the flow' haha

I want to personally thank those of you who made your concerns and opinions known to us by the extra effort the process required of you.

Some of my favorite written quotes from ratepayers:

'.. how many of you have interviewed any of your constituents?'

'.. (protesting) on behalf of our tenants who are those who will ultimately be the ones required to pay.'

'.. there are times that politicians choose to do the right thing even if it's not the popular thing.'

I'm sorry to report your rates are going up as high as originally proposed.

From the City:
1. Water Rate Protest Comments:
As of 1:45pm today, 72 protest votes have been received. Many of them arrived in the template NO format. A handful of others had comments attached.

We did get 2 verbal commitments and our current mayor stated support for reducing the in/out-of-town differential charged to zero the next time rates are reviewed by them.

That's some good progress!

Also, the City will investigate not raising this new rate an additional 2.5 percent in a few months, and will report if lowering the rate in the future requires another Prop.218 odyssey.

Continue to make yourself heard, and closely monitor our budgeting process this Spring!