Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Collapse of the US Dollar — Inevitable

Collapse of the US Dollar — Inevitable 

90% BRICS — SWIFTly turning US savings to $0.

How we got here, and what’s really happened #CBDC #EndTheFed #EndtheEndless #digitaldollar #BRICS #BrettonWoodsSystem 1944 #CentralBankDigitalCurencyTracker 

Monday, December 12, 2022

SCOTUS Case No. 22-380

SCOTUS Case No. 22-380 

Dear City Council,
Watch this one — set for SCOTUS conference January 6, 2023.

May effect your adherence to your own “Oath of Office”

Raland Brunson 



Also, My Winter reeeReading: 

Against America? Against Liberty? 


Thomas Sowell

“When we look back at decades-long erosions and distortions of our educational system, our legal system, and our political system, we must acknowledge the chilling fact that the kinds of dangers we face now were always inherent in these degenerating trends.” 

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