Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Cost of Lockdown Crisis 2022

Cost of Lockdown Crisis 2022

Soaring inflation, rising interest rates, disrupted supply chains — not a cost of living, it’s a cost of lockdowns.

“It's hard to tell yourself you've been taken for a fool but open your eyes“



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And once again, Niel Oliver serves up a cold dish of populist reality in this summary of the current situation 


Largest jump in grocery prices in 43 years.

The only solution to this cost-of-living (COST OF LOCKDOWN) crisis is a big Republican victory in November. We must bring spending and regulations under control and start returning to an America that works. 

The Democrats celebrated a bill that most Americans believe will increase inflation because of its increased government spending. At the same time, the new, higher inflation rate was announced, and it made their message ridiculous – but they stayed on message. As the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 1,200 points over the new inflation numbers, Biden and the Big Government Socialists congratulated themselves on spending more money.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 


Saturday, September 3, 2022

Welcome the Self Identifying Very Liberal to Reality

 Robert W Malone MD, MS:

“Today the New York Times published the results (and interpretation) of its latest COVID poll.”

“My interpretation is that those who self identify as “Very Liberal” are now finally becoming more aligned with the true reality of COVID-19 disease risk.”


“Furthermore, I strongly suggest that these data bins, ‘Very Liberal’ through ‘Very Conservative’ are outdated anachronisms, belonging to the 20th century. The current political axis runs more from ‘collectivist/globalist’ to ‘individualist/nationalist’.”

Trends in COVID Anxiety

Is the fever in the hypnotized "very liberal" beginning to break? 

Robert W Malone MD, MS

August 31, 2022


Friday, September 2, 2022

Clown Show August Trinidad City Meeting

So distasteful, unfair — 
August Trinidad City Council 
“Powerball” Clown Show

The Trinidad City Council clown show of representing homes and their families with spinning balls was made worse with Mayor Ladwig barking out “winners” and “losers.” This grotesque lottery for local business licenses is as distasteful as it is unfair.

Set aside our Mayor’s usual unprofessional behavior, wearing hoodies and flip-flops and munching nuts while leading our City meetings, he owns one of these businesses — a short-term rental, STR. His hosting stupid power-ball lotteries while supporting caps and years long waitlists for competing STR homes seems conflicted. It is wrong on many levels.

Reportedly, some homeowners have been waiting 5 years, just to apply for their short-term rental property license.

In a recession with decades-high inflation, what help does our City Council offer our residents and businesses struggling with higher and higher costs of living — this clown show, increasing taxes, and bigger spending budgets!? Acknowledging the highest inflation in decades, the Mayor writes, “that means the city needs more revenue...” No, it means the city needs to tighten its belt and cut spending like the rest of us.

I have a better solution that would actually help right now — stop with the games! Take immediate action, give all 5 STR license requests a fast track. Let these honorable businesses get going. Not only will this help these owners and managers, it will also help our community and our City get through this worsening economy and on to a more fiscally responsible future.

Reality is, you can’t tax your way to growth. Choosing to close, cap and restrict the same STR homes you’re raising taxes on isn’t just a bunch of unfortunate choices — it shows incompetence. The Council’s ability to realize its incompetence should be concerning to everyone.

Trinidad needs budget cuts. It needs less political STR home taxes and restrictions. This would lead to more business, more jobs and more City income. The fiscally responsible way forward is to choose exactly the opposite way this Council has chosen.

Mike Morgan
Former Citycouncilman, Trinidad California 
Owner, Trinidad Bay Bed and Breakfast Hotel ❤

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God Bless Our Free Constitutional Republic

 God Bless Our Free Constitutional Republic πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Authoritarian Democracy is Un-American.

Joe Biden’s ‘Dark’ MAGA Speech Deemed a ‘Terrible Mistake’ over Bad Optics


The optics apparently became so unbearable that CNN even resorted to adjusting the contrast during its live broadcast to lighten the red lights behind the president.

Watch the moment CNN slowly adjusts the camera settings when the blood-red lighting behind Dark Brandon is looking a little too authoritarian.

By the end, the stripes on the American flag are pinkish-purple.


— Mia Cathell (@MiaCathell)