Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Collapse of the US Dollar — Inevitable

Collapse of the US Dollar — Inevitable 

90% BRICS — SWIFTly turning US savings to $0.

How we got here, and what’s really happened #CBDC #EndTheFed #EndtheEndless #digitaldollar #BRICS #BrettonWoodsSystem 1944 #CentralBankDigitalCurencyTracker 

Monday, December 12, 2022

SCOTUS Case No. 22-380

SCOTUS Case No. 22-380 

Dear City Council,
Watch this one — set for SCOTUS conference January 6, 2023.

May effect your adherence to your own “Oath of Office”

Raland Brunson 



Also, My Winter reeeReading: 

Against America? Against Liberty? 


Thomas Sowell

“When we look back at decades-long erosions and distortions of our educational system, our legal system, and our political system, we must acknowledge the chilling fact that the kinds of dangers we face now were always inherent in these degenerating trends.” 

#Marxism #Progressivism   #AmericanMarxistIdeology 

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Emergency Power Abuse Worldwide G20/B20 Digital Passports

It’s not scary mask and mandate advocates still seem compliantly unaware. 😷   πŸ€”πŸ‘Ž

Governments and corporations learning that they can get away with emergency power abuse, that most will accept lies and comply — that’s terrifying.

What is transfascism? Did you comply? 

Will you comply?

The Madness of Vaccine Passports

Congratulations Kevin Kiley, 

Congressman-elect CA-3 

#218 Republican House of Representatives 

“A fantastic person” DJT  3:00Min

October 17, 2022

Newsom announced he’s finally doing what we’ve been trying to get him to do for 800 days. He is ending the COVID-19 State of Emergency.

But of course, there’s a catch: he isn’t ending it today. He’s ending it on February 28, 2023. That will be just under three years from the day it began.

Emergency Terminated

#teammankind #disobey #technocracy #transhumanism #emergencypowerabuse #nomandates #nolockdowns 

#G20Nov22 #B20Nov22 #DigitalID #DigitalCurrency #DigitalPassports #DigitalHealthCert #VaccinationPassports #Paragraph23 #CBDC #SocialCredit #DigitalAg #FourthIndustrialRevolution

Plan To Restrict Travel (and whatever) With China-Style Digital Vaccine Passports At G20 Summit

Joe Allen Analysis Of G20 Bali Leaders Declarations - Nov 17, 2022

12 Banks 12 Weeks US Central Bank Federal Reserve Digital Currency Trial


and the Better Future Coming 

Robert W. Malone, MD, MS 

International Digital Health Pass 

Coming Soon: Public health weaponization worse than Covid-19

Nov 17, 2022 Bannons WarRoom


and the Better Future Coming


If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

George Washington 

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.

John F. Kennedy

It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.


Wisdom arises out of awareness not an accumulation of knowledge or “intelligence”.

Stop Funding The War in Ukraine

#Ukraine #FTX #FJB #SamBankman #Megadonors2022


November 12, 2022

#SaltyCracker #Rumble #InfoWars #FTX 

Exposed: FTX Collapse Reveals Crypto Exchange Was Nothing But A Democrat Slush Fund


'The Simpsons' predicted Donald Trump's 2024 presidential run in 2015


Besides reversing any leftover, soon to be defunded Biden Executive Orders, what can President Trump do in 2024 to fix this administration’s mess? 

Look to President 25 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ  

Monday, October 17, 2022

Newsom Ending COVID-19 State of Emergency — in 4 more months!?

Newsom Ending COVID-19 State of Emergency — in 4 more months!?

Kevin Kiley CA-3 Blog: October 17, 2022

Newsom announced he’s finally doing what we’ve been trying to get him to do for 800 days. He is ending the COVID-19 State of Emergency.

But of course, there’s a catch: he isn’t ending it today. He’s ending it on February 28, 2023. That will be just under three years from the day it began.

Emergency Terminated

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Stop Lyin! Measure P 4% Increase

The Trinidad Bay Bed and Breakfast Hotel, did not comply with the City of Trinidad’s unconstitutional 10-12% tax increase January 1, 2022.

We demanded the City reset the tax to 8%, which is what we collect. It took them months, until April 2022, but they have complied.

Here’s the T on P! 

Fixed! You’re Welcome πŸ˜‚ 

…from our City of Trinidad website:

While attempting to implement After a tax rate increase from 10% to 12% on January 1, 2022, within the framework and guidance of an outdated Occupancy Tax Ordinance in late 2021, the City was informed ( see our January 19th letter above ) that the increase from 8% to 10% in 2011 was adopted by City Ordinance was unconstitutional. 

It was not, however, put forth to the voters at a qualified election as required by California State law.  As a result, the rate was immediately reduced months later to the rate in place prior to California Proposition 218 (8%), and staff began taking the necessary steps to bring the question to the voters at the November 2022 General Election.

The City should just say, “We messed up.” They should say, “We regret unconstitutionally overcharging our town’s guests for the last decade, and here’s the refund process.”

The City is “fixing” their mistakes by now complying with our State of California Constitution and putting a whopping 4% tax increase on the November 08, 2022 General Election as Measure P. 

City Website Links:

Argument Against Measure P 4% Tax Increase

Rebuttal to City’s Argument For It

Current City Website: November 08 General Election Information

City of Trinidad Council Meeting 

October 11, 2022: 

Public Comment Period

City’s 4% Tax Increase — Unaddressed lies in their rebuttal to the Argument Against Measure P.

And more lies from the City’s uncorrected web page

Public Comments Submitted

Monday, October 10, 2022

Candidate Profile Voter’s Edge California


Candidate Profile, City of Trinidad, City Council, Voter’s Edge California 
A project of the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund and MapLight.

fyi: From our Nextdoor neighborhood: 

Please join your City of Trinidad Council Candidates at the League of Woman Voters forum Tuesday, October 18, 2022, at 7:00PM in Trinidad Town Hall, 409 Trinity St., Trinidad, California 707-677-0223

Vote NO on Measure P:
Information and Candidate Statements Information on our City of Trinidad website
and here on my blog, Thank you πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Cost of Lockdown Crisis 2022

Cost of Lockdown Crisis 2022

Soaring inflation, rising interest rates, disrupted supply chains — not a cost of living, it’s a cost of lockdowns.

“It's hard to tell yourself you've been taken for a fool but open your eyes“


#NielOliver #GBNEWS 

h/t #RWMaloneMD 

And once again, Niel Oliver serves up a cold dish of populist reality in this summary of the current situation

Largest jump in grocery prices in 43 years.

The only solution to this cost-of-living (COST OF LOCKDOWN) crisis is a big Republican victory in November. We must bring spending and regulations under control and start returning to an America that works. 

The Democrats celebrated a bill that most Americans believe will increase inflation because of its increased government spending. At the same time, the new, higher inflation rate was announced, and it made their message ridiculous – but they stayed on message. As the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 1,200 points over the new inflation numbers, Biden and the Big Government Socialists congratulated themselves on spending more money.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Welcome the Self Identifying Very Liberal to Reality

 Robert W Malone MD, MS:

“Today the New York Times published the results (and interpretation) of its latest COVID poll.”

“My interpretation is that those who self identify as “Very Liberal” are now finally becoming more aligned with the true reality of COVID-19 disease risk.”


“Furthermore, I strongly suggest that these data bins, ‘Very Liberal’ through ‘Very Conservative’ are outdated anachronisms, belonging to the 20th century. The current political axis runs more from ‘collectivist/globalist’ to ‘individualist/nationalist’.”

Trends in COVID Anxiety

Is the fever in the hypnotized "very liberal" beginning to break? 

Robert W Malone MD, MS

August 31, 2022

Friday, September 2, 2022

Clown Show August Trinidad City Meeting

So distasteful, unfair — 
August Trinidad City Council 
“Powerball” Clown Show

The Trinidad City Council clown show of representing homes and their families with spinning balls was made worse with Mayor Ladwig barking out “winners” and “losers.” This grotesque lottery for local business licenses is as distasteful as it is unfair.

Set aside our Mayor’s usual unprofessional behavior, wearing hoodies and flip-flops and munching nuts while leading our City meetings, he owns one of these businesses — a short-term rental, STR. His hosting stupid power-ball lotteries while supporting caps and years long waitlists for competing STR homes seems conflicted. It is wrong on many levels.

Reportedly, some homeowners have been waiting 5 years, just to apply for their short-term rental property license.

In a recession with decades-high inflation, what help does our City Council offer our residents and businesses struggling with higher and higher costs of living — this clown show, increasing taxes, and bigger spending budgets!? Acknowledging the highest inflation in decades, the Mayor writes, “that means the city needs more revenue...” No, it means the city needs to tighten its belt and cut spending like the rest of us.

I have a better solution that would actually help right now — stop with the games! Take immediate action, give all 5 STR license requests a fast track. Let these honorable businesses get going. Not only will this help these owners and managers, it will also help our community and our City get through this worsening economy and on to a more fiscally responsible future.

Reality is, you can’t tax your way to growth. Choosing to close, cap and restrict the same STR homes you’re raising taxes on isn’t just a bunch of unfortunate choices — it shows incompetence. The Council’s ability to realize its incompetence should be concerning to everyone.

Trinidad needs budget cuts. It needs less political STR home taxes and restrictions. This would lead to more business, more jobs and more City income. The fiscally responsible way forward is to choose exactly the opposite way this Council has chosen.

Mike Morgan
Former Citycouncilman, Trinidad California 
Owner, Trinidad Bay Bed and Breakfast Hotel ❤

19MIN In:

God Bless Our Free Constitutional Republic

 God Bless Our Free Constitutional Republic πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Authoritarian Democracy is Un-American.

Joe Biden’s ‘Dark’ MAGA Speech Deemed a ‘Terrible Mistake’ over Bad Optics

The optics apparently became so unbearable that CNN even resorted to adjusting the contrast during its live broadcast to lighten the red lights behind the president.

Watch the moment CNN slowly adjusts the camera settings when the blood-red lighting behind Dark Brandon is looking a little too authoritarian.

By the end, the stripes on the American flag are pinkish-purple.

— Mia Cathell (@MiaCathell)

Monday, August 22, 2022

Administrative and Public Health Policy Failures with the COVID-19 Response

Administrative and Public Health Policy Failures with the COVID-19 Response 

If we can, shouldn’t we do better?

Morals and values matter. Candidates and representatives should publicly respond with their opinions on lockdowns, mandates, and restriction failures.

Political Transparency & Accountability 

By their own admission and independent reports, the CDC has not done a good job* — CDC’s Ludicrous Makeover.

In lockstep with the leading public health agency, our state and county have not done a good job. Trinidad has done even worse. 

Time and experience have provided self-evident answers. These answers, acknowledged with transparency and accountability, will transform failures. 

Many believe our responses should have been non-political. Turns out, the better outcomes of politically opposite states can help us avoid repeating our own administrative and public health policy failures.

We can, and should, do better. 

Other states did better. They kept churches and schools and businesses open. When peer reviewed studies showed masking doesn’t stop or even slow virus transmission, they stopped masking their kids. They rejected mandates, political propaganda, and censorship that vilifies free speech. They trusted individuals and families with their healthcare decisions — to take experimental drugs or not; to use flawed and controversial testing, or not; to “Stay Healthy,” not just “Stay Home.” Those state’s public health, quality of life, and economic results have became self-evident — they did better.

The CDC and NIH still resist disclosure of the scientific basis for their mask mandates — likely because there isn’t any? Remember asymptomatic spread, the virus surviving outside and for absurd amounts of time on surfaces? Healthful activity, natural immunity, inexpensive supplements and well-know treatments were dismissed, doctors vilified, and we watched flu numbers go down, as COVID-19 numbers went up. Where there is risk, there must be choice and accountability.

Looking the other way and going along to get along won’t help. Trinidad’s response wasn’t just a “wobble” — not just an “Ooops, my bad” or “Sorry for any inconvenience” mistake. The City of Trinidad imposed restrictions which exceeded CDC guidance, and exceeded state and county public health orders — from ineffective masking and distancing policies, to legislating business closures and starting lawsuits against it’s opposition.

We are finally getting through years of COVID-19 City mistakes. 

We’ve caught up with other states by removing restrictions, removing mask & vaxx mandates, and rejecting “vaccine” passports. Trinidad’s City Council is finally holding public meetings in Town Hall again, and it dismissed it’s abusive and wasteful City lawsuits. Still, one councilman contemptuously voted against dismissal. We should be lifting up our struggling businesses, not locking them down, and raising taxes on their guests. 

Voting to continue to trial, wasting tens of thousands more on attorneys, is fiscally irresponsible. Why? He won’t say. I encourage individual thought and reasoning, but I don’t condone this pettiness or the cowardice of hiding behind Closed Session City Council Meetings and their lawyers. Truth will right this wrong. 

Truth and exposure has already corrected the council’s passage of unconstitutional guest tax increases — Tax has been rescinded and a process to refund a few of the years of overcharged taxes is in now in place. Same people going after our Short Term Rentals and my business during COVID and before, are pushing for a 4% increase now — even with decades high inflation and a recession, they offer no plan to combat either. Like all of us, the City should be tightening it’s spending belt, not taxing, expanding and spending more.

Lots of water under the bridge. 

Lots of lessons learned. Slate may not be wiped clear, but we don’t have to start over either. With our new individual and collective experiences, hopefully, we would all have made better choices. We can certainly do better going forward — here in tiny Trinidad, California, in our nation, and around the world. 

By now, most have heard something about globalist “Great Reset” agendas. Hopefully, everyone’s also heard about the “Great Awakening.” If you haven’t, read up. There’s an important, timely saying you may not have heard, “Where we go one, we go all.” Seems we all go better when individualism is treated with dignity and integrity — especially when individuals are opposing a group-thinking majority in administrative power. Individual exceptionalism is foundational to our Republic. It’s how we keep our communities and all of America great!


  1. CDC’s Ludicrous Makeover

CDC announced that the institutes have done an external/self-study and proposed a makeover “to restore public trust.”  Dr. Walensky said that she “plans to remake the culture to help the agency move faster when it responds to a public health crisis. She also wants to make it easier for other parts of the government to work with the CDC, and wants to simplify and streamline the website to get rid of overlapping and contradictory public health guidance.” 

The CDC’s announcement covers everything except the fundamental problem to which the director and the external reviewer are blind: industry subservience and epidemiologic incompetence.

  1. The C.D.C. Isn’t Publishing Large Portions of the Covid Data It Collects: NY Times, February 26, 2022:

The agency has withheld critical data on boosters, hospitalizations and, until recently, wastewater analyses.

Two full years into the pandemic, the agency leading the country’s response to the public health emergency has published only a tiny fraction of the data it has collected, several people familiar with the data said.

The C.D.C. is a political organization as much as it is a public health organization,” said Samuel Scarpino, managing director of pathogen surveillance at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Pandemic Prevention Institute. “The steps that it takes to get something like this released are often well outside of the control of many of the scientists that work at the C.D.C.”

  1. More on Mandates — It ain't over till it's over. 

California culture has gone barking mad. Robert W. Malone MD, MS Aug 18, 2022 

“…parents versus non-parents felt differently about vaccines and political party affiliation was the most significant indicator for support of vaccine mandates.”

“Many of the very best schools in the nation are still requiring vaccines and boosters. However, some of the very best schools in the nation are not. Luckily a group has taken it upon themselves to sort this issue out for parents and students.”

No Collage Mandates

It is the fundamental right of each individual to freely choose which medical interventions to receive based on informed consent. Neither sufficient clinical trail data for young adults nor long-term safety data exist for these recently developed and novel vaccines. Because the coercive nature of college vaccine mandates completely disregards students’ individual freedom and right to bodily autonomy, we strongly believe that these mandates are contributing to the psychological distress and the staggering rise in mental health issues among young adults. 

California church that was fined over $200K for defying COVID-19 restrictions gets fines dropped

The church continued to defy pandemic restrictions for nearly two years on First Amendment grounds

“The California Court of Appeals reversed the injunction, contempt orders, and (the first set of) fines last Monday (15 August 2022).”

  1. Administrative State: bad training -> bad decisions

“Forming, storming, norming and performing” consensus drives towards Groupthink. Robert W. Malone MD, MS —Aug 16, 2022

Regarding the genetic COVID vaccines, the science is settled.

They are not working to prevent infection, replication, and spread of Omicron, and they are not completely safe. 

These vaccines were designed for a different virus, the Wuhan strain. Whether they made sense for protecting our elderly and frail from the original virus is irrelevant.  So let’s stop arguing about that. We must look forward. 

Integrity.  Dignity.  Community. 

Integrity is a commitment to truth, in what you say, how you live, and how you treat others.

Dignity flows from respect, for ourselves, for each other, and for the world we live in.

Community is what binds us together, to each other, and gives our lives purpose and meaning.

Saint Augustine, the doctor of the Roman Catholic Church, famously said “The truth is like a Lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.” 

Robert W. Malone MD, MS

Dishonorable Council Policy

While the City should concede to willfully engaging in political fraud, lying and  conspiracy, I won’t further contest their court actions. 

Solely for the purpose of settling this matter expeditiously and to avoid further legal costs, respondent[s] does not concede, but will not further contest the City’s actions in court. 

The CDC needs new leadership, not reorganization (by the editorial board)

Washington Examiner

August 22, 2022

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky admitted this week that her agency made “some pretty dramatic public mistakes” handling the coronavirus, promising to “pivot” the organization so that it can better provide information to ordinary people.

But communication was never the CDC’s real problem. That was its arrogant and politicized leadership, which was unable to tell the truth. That is why no one trusts the CDC anymore or cares much for its guidance, whatever it happens to be. The cure begins with Walensky’s resignation.