Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trinidad, CA Sales Tax - Measure G

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How can I both support Measure G, yet vote against it?

I'm voting against extending the Sales Tax, Measure G. I prefer we balance our budget without it. This would require a reduction in services and renegotiating contracts with the County. I would like to see our City do what it takes to spend within it's means without the Sales Tax Addition.

So it's simple, if you want the same level of services and spending, I support you voting Yes. If you'd like to compel us to cut spending, I support you voting No.

Argument In Favor of Measure G
Four years ago, Trinidad Residents were asked to come together and support a 3/4% sales tax compromise to primarily fund the police and fire departments and their reserves.

We have reviewed the performance of the tax and have determined the need for it to continue.  We have also addressed the tax concerns of local residents outside the city limits. The City Council's advisory committee will continue to monitor spending of these funds.

 To maintain the current level of city services, we ask you to support measure G. 

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