Friday, September 25, 2020

T-Cell Immunity — Dr. Atlas updates

Famous for slinging 'Science Denier' slurs at everyone against their narrative, the REAL science deniers are now the Left — ignoring science and using COVID scare tactics to do whatever they can get away with.

Most are protected by T-Cell immunity from this AND related virus exposure. Proven data from around the world, and here, explains why children, teens and most adults are at such a low risk from this China-virus.

New data and experience should also inform our resolve to #openCalifornia #openHumboldtCalifornia and #openTrinidadCalifornia 

Promoting and citing partial truths of out-of-date antibody data, with its transient immunity, is immoral.

90% of Americans are NOT susceptible to this virus still — that is untrue. 

It's a failure of our state and local public health departments to promote politically motivated policies. These policies of destructive restrictions and closures do more harm than any virus has or will.

Who are you believing? Some politically motivated msm 'reporters' (more like opinionaters) or Dr. Scott Atlas and the epidemiologists he cites. 

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