Sunday, May 22, 2022

Vote Doss County Supervisor June 7 2022

 Vote Doss County Supervisor June 7 2022

Elect Larry Doss Sign at the Trinidad Bay Bed And Breakfast Hotel
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Recently, we heard silly Steve Madrone was banging on doors to get his opponent’s signs taken down.

Then, we heard silly Steve Madrone got the City Manager and City Clerk to call ‘round. This would be funny too, but we heard about a “bribe” offered?

Larry Doss for Supervisor  

We need truth and transparency in City and County Government, not backroom government deals and small business political abuse.

 Silly Steve Madrone took the City’s covid hysterics and attacks on our local businesses to the County Supervisors — they said he and the City were wrong! He is wrong for Trinidad, wrong for our small businesses, and wrong for our government.

Vote Doss for Supervisor 5th District — Larry has endorsements from three of the five current Supervisors along with former 5th District Supervisors, Ryan Sundberg, and Anna Sparks. Current Sheriff, William Honsal and former Sheriff, Mike Downey also endorse Larry, along with Arcata Professional Firefighters Local 4981 and CalFire Local 2881. 

Hundreds of residents and small businesses across the 5th District & Humboldt County support Larry Doss, please join us!