Friday, June 17, 2022

TRANSITION? Why would you hide things


Nothing Should Be Hidden From The People

Why would you hide things that aren’t illegal? 

Discussing and planning our City’s Budget, at Tuesday’s City of Trinidad Council Meeting (June 14, 2022), our city clerk repeatedly mentioned a “Transition” and what he sees as a “plateau” around Q3, October 2022. Not wanting to blindside them, I am expecting a full explanation at our next Budget Meeting.

Also of concern, the city clerk promised 85% of the Budget is finished and the Council, but not the Public, will be getting access to these numbers. Presumably, this would provide an opportunity for their input before publicly presenting the information. Undoubtedly, this would be wrong. Certainly, this would be unethical, and wouldn’t it also be illegal? 

Exactly why we have Brown Act protected Public meetings. 

  1. Councilmen shall hear information together with the Public, publicly
  2. Councilmen then ask questions, receive Public questions and comments.
  3. Councilmen, upon consideration of the information and all the questions and comments, then comment and move actions

If, and however, the city clerk or city manager makes the draft City of Trinidad Budget available to the Council, they best make it available to the Public at the same time — on our City website and emailed to those requesting notification.

The City of Trinidad is so notified.

Sincerely, Mike

Mike Morgan

Former City of Trinidad Councilman

Running in November 2022, I want government control out of our wallets, out of our homes, out of our bodies, and off our faces. 

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Bugaboo of devaluation?

Speaking of “Transitions,” you may want to check out Dave ><22’s opinion:  

Ep 2802a – The Economic Transition Has Begun 

FED pushes the same playbook that we had back in 1971 with Nixon.

Posted on June 17, 2022

Temporarily (πŸ˜‚) suspend convertibility of the US Dollar into gold and other [#BITCOIN] reserve assets, and in the interests of monetary stability… 

#Nixon #bugaboo of #devaluation #FEDNOW #AuditTheFED #EndTheFED

The FedNow Service will provide a liquidity management tool to support instant payment services. The tool will enable participants in the FedNow Service to transfer funds to one another to support liquidity needs related to payment activity in the FedNow Service. The tool will also support participants in a private-sector instant payment service backed by a joint account at a Reserve Bank by enabling transfers between the master accounts of participants and a joint account.

The first release of the FedNow Service will also include optional features: fraud prevention tools, the ability to join initially as a receive-only participant, request for payment capability, and tools to support participants in their handling of payment inquiries. The FedNow Service will be released in phases and additional features and service enhancements will be introduced over time. Other aspects of the service, such as fee structures and governing terms, will be announced prior to the launch of the service.

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.