Friday, December 5, 2008

3AM Strawberry Rock Rescue - Body at the Beach

trinidad-volunteer-fire-ems-logoThankfully, this is not a common day for us at Trinidad Volunteer Fire. We had two difficult calls, but fortunately all we lost was sleep - this time.

Along with CAL FIRE, Arcata-Mad River Ambulance, and Westhaven Volunteer Fire, Trinidad Fire Volunteers geared-up, hiked in, located, treated and hauled a young woman who had fallen, back up Strawberry Rock to be airlifted by the US Coastguard they called for. This took hours, and after she was secured in the helicopter, they safely escorted the 6 or 7 other young adults back down the mountain - all while most were sleeping at 3AM.

The dedication of the 12+ responders is admirable and the young adults were grateful. I am happy they are all safe. I wish the young woman a speedy recovery. Hopefully, they learned, and will share, that in their personally irresponsible quest for fun, they put a special group of people at unnecessary risk - most of the dozen rescuers are volunteers with families that depend on them, and jobs to go to today. 

Thanks to all those everywhere who put their health and lives on the line, answering the call to service. They are truly going above and beyond.

I'll take a moment to congratulate FF Robin Fraser, and FF Matt Utt on passing their EMT Class and Skills Test - good luck on the National Test. FF Stefan Rheinschmidt Graduated the Fire Academy this year and also earned his EMT certification. 



  1. Thanks for giving the story a different spin. It's nice to have good people you can depend on during an emergency. The general public tends to forget about their local EMS/fire department unless they need your services!

  2. Mike,
    I just wanted to say thanks for a great job on the rock the other night. As part of the crew on the helo I can assure you we were pleased with how everything went that night. Please pass on a special thanks to everyone that helped expedite her recovery.

  3. kevin
    Eureka, CA #11Yesterday

    "thankyou captain morgan and every person that helped save my sister. people don't appreciate often enough the job you do FOR US. to me, it's my others its a father that comes others, its a child that survives. thank you sincerely from me and all the people who's lives you touch."


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