Wednesday, December 24, 2008

News in a Small Town - Flipflopping ... Openly, Proudly

News travels fast in a small town -- Trinidad is a tiny town.

That's a nice thing about blogging in a tiny town. Travels fast. Sometimes, people know more about you, than you know yourself. You get the unique opportunity to know yourself from their perspective, faster, in a tiny town.

Of course sometimes people think they know better
for you. I'm guilty of that. Thinking I know better. Talking about what I think may be done better, while remaining open to being wrong, makes me a good leader. I may be wrong at the start, but I'm gonna say it, and then I'm gonna listen, and if you have a better idea, I'll change like the wind. Some people call that flip-flopping. Like it's a "bad" thing.

I like flip-flops. I mostly like ridiculously expensive but amazing Ruehl flip-flops. Ruehl is a cool brand. I know it's not really cool to say cool anymore, or maybe it is again? Online it's sometimes written kewl, but that's even more lame. When you get older, you don't care as much about whether saying tight, chill, awesome, rad, sexy, wild, foxy, groovy, or far-out is cool or not, and younger people get to snicker at your lameness. Snickering is fun. Did you know snickering means the same thing as rambling now? Like "Yo, i wish that mo'fugger Mike would quit his snickering." I'm getting old. Ruehl's totally made up marketing history is amusing. Its products are top drawer. I like that the brand isn't well known up here -- so people don't know how much I overpaid for my destroyed polos (lol). I'm flashy enough without wearing flashy brands. I wear my Ruehl flip-flops all summer, lots in winter too. They're good, even on the Playa. A good foot massage after flip-flopping around the Playa is always nice. It's fun to stream consciousness. Rambling is a fun way to get to a point. Rambling is sometimes fashioned into a rant

Here comes my rant on stuck, close-minded, B/W thinking. It's #2 in my Booklet of Frustrations -- right after #1 Poor Customer Service.

Sometimes, after all my ranting, all I hear out there is the buoy bell. Hmmmm. Sometimes, that is really nice. Mostly, I'd rather hear someone settin' me straight, or sharing the other side of the story I'm missing.

Did you ever hear Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story" segments? Used to listen to them in North Carolina ... we didn't get too many stations out in the country, where I lived, but I did get Paul Harvey. He tells some good stories.
I am an open-minded, dynamic individual
Are you still reading this? Where's the beef? It's in here somewhere. Recently someone told me they can't control what I put in my Blog, or what I believe, and this gave me a little shock. Why would you want to? Why do you care? Anyway, why is irrelevant here, and it's frequently an unimaginative criticism that's boring. Anyway, it's an incorrect statement. I told them, "I am an open-minded, dynamic individual" ... well that's what I like to think, so stop giggling.

I prefer gray rules. Rules as guidlines or rather guideposts, with lots of room for mistakes and second chances around them. When it comes to black and white thinking, some people call that stinkin'-thinkin', I prefer the black on my cars, and the white on my ice cream. I always have black cars, and I always prefer vanilla ice cream. Everything else is open to discussion.

A better idea will always resonate with me. A better idea will always influence me. There's your control point (hint hint) - a better idea. Flip-flopper? Sure I am. Have a better idea, I'll run with it. Do nothing, and I'll run with mine, 'till I come up with a better one.

UrbanDictionary: snickering

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