Monday, December 22, 2008

Just Shoot Me - Our Mayor Election Process

Well they didn't give me a shot, and they didn't shoot me. Tho shooting me may have been less painfully embarrassing. It felt like a public castration (just having a laugh here). And in front of my friends and neighbors I care so much about -- btw, thank you guys for your warm condolences. 

That vote came very fast. There was no discussion before it about who wanted to be Mayor and why. That's really the source of any hurt feelings I'm still nursing. I don't mind the Council didn't elect me to be Trinidad's Mayor. Sure I feel qualified and I want to be Mayor, but if members who have served longer want the position and feel more qualified, I can support them. If however, some of them are politically acting to "block" me because they disagree with my positions, that could be a different story.

I was digesting all the pride I swallowed that night for a couple of days. Some friends noticed me gritting my teeth, rolling my eyes, and literally holding my mouth shut. I will get better up there. Some friend's suggested I may have shot myself with all of my blogging bravado - perhaps.

I'm wary that some Councilmember's actions that night may have served to reinforce suspicions and fears that I've been Blogging about. Yet again, an opportunity to build constituent trust was missed. It appears to some of our constituates that a few Councilmember's minds appeared to have been made up before we even discussed the issue.

So what now? I will continue to be honest and upfront about my intentions and feelings. I will continue to lead a change in the way we've been governing here - creating more faith, respect and pride in Trinidad's government. I'm committed to bringing our Town together on difficult issues by remaining fair. Playing "devil's advocate" to give voice and promote thought about all facets of issues may be a fun and productive role for me. 

I know that together we will be a terrific Trinidad Council. I am honored to be in such good company up there. Even tho I don't and won't always agree with some of my fellow Councilmember's chosen behavior, I will still respect the position and both their commitment and service to Trinidad.

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