Monday, December 8, 2008

T-S Roast: Confidence to Lead is Bad News?

Sorry, apparently not everyone reads the Times-Standard Opinion page or knows what this Bad News/Good News - Roast/Toast stuff is. Heck, I never noticed it either, until a friend pointed out that I got "burnt" (lol). So, in the Bad News category that day, I was Roasted by someone. The T-S Editor both nobly and graciously took ultimate ownership, but wouldn't tell me who's idea it was - hmmmm. 

Here's what my Roast said: "Just a mild one to Trinidad City Councilman-elect Mike Morgan. While his enthusiasm for his new job is admirable, it might be preferable to spend a little time on the City Council before campaigning to become Trinidad's next mayor." Fair enough, if you don't know me and my relationship to our Town. So I playfully roast the Roaster here, and hopefully shed some knowledge on my qualifications to back up my confidence and healthy, buff ego.

Bad News, Good News

Time-Standard Roaster for not signing and owning their Roast of me in today's paper, and for placing my responsible efforts to lead in the "bad news" - booo.

Thanks for the coverage, and your point is misleading - "... spend a little time on the City Council before campaigning ..." 

My Time-Standard Roaster thinks I need more time on the Council before I go for Mayor, but likes my enthusiasm. The 4 other Councilmembers who will vote for Trinidad's new Mayor, know my meeting style as Planning Commission Chair, and will remember my experience working with them on our budgets, initiating our narrowly passed new sales tax, safety, and resident committees like the one to reform our Council Meeting procedures.

They also know it is a ceremonial title with no additional powers over fellow Councilmembers. Heck, several of them have personal Council experience removing capable Mayors from power, so I doubt if they are threatened by my "campaigning", if they've even heard about it, and they won't be surprised by my request. 

What'll be interesting is will they give me a shot, or take me out back and shoot me?[1]

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