Monday, December 1, 2008

Affordable, Safe, Housing Development - Trinidad ADU Ordinance

Were are we on this? As I remember, the Planning Commission got this over to the Council last January? 

Here are links to the two documents sent from Planning. 

I've asked our City Manager, Steve, to provide a timeline of where we are and what are the next milestones for this legislation. He agreed to speak with Planning and update the Council in his Staff report next meeting.



  1. The school community would certainly support safe and affordable housing in the Trinidad community. What a great idea! I'm wondering if anyone is considering green energy ideas for this development. Also, in general, I'd like to see our city government look at ways for providing alternate energy to its residents--perhaps solar, wind, fuel cell??? I have explored several ideas, but find they are expensive, or unworkable on a small city lot. Jan West

  2. An idea that always strikes me when in Trinidad
    is that GREAT resource the city has right there
    on the south facing roof on the very TOWN HALL
    Having had a professional solar evaluation on
    my own home, that area looks like a prime spot.
    I'm guessing over 15kw?
    Every time I look up there, I envision a sparkling array of blue silicon making lots
    of energy.
    I've casually suggested this to several folks
    in town, but I'm not sure if anyone on the council or city management has thought of this.
    It would be long process; but the time is right
    to look into something like this..maybe if not
    possible for the city, then perhaps the school.
    I realize it's expensive/complicated. But, the
    infrastructure is sitting there, waiting....
    Maybe the Firehall as well. Solar PV just needs some good real estate w/out shade & any roof that qualifies is a great GIFT in waiting.
    For a place to start, the Humboldt Energy
    Authority --[Trinidad is already a member..] [for more info. go online: ]
    There's a link there to the recent Solar tour
    which includes-- [besides the MarineLab & many residential projects w/some great ones right HERE in Trinidad as well]:
    Arcata City Hall / Arcata High School
    & many Humboldt area Elementary schools...
    Equinox. If those entities can do it, I'll bet there is a way here too. AT the very least,
    these other folks are a perfect resource for
    feedback on technical/funding issues.
    Obviously something on the 'future plans' list, but State funding/subsidies/PGE grants etc.
    might be something worth keeping an eye starting
    NOW for near term changes...
    Not sure if the recent Calif. 'Million Solar
    Roofs' subsidy had a civic/city element.
    Again, the H.E.A. should know.
    It's possible the Obama admin. will offer up something as well for alternate energy quite soon. [We can only Hope].
    Perhaps something for an ad hoc citizen
    Who knows, besides being the smallest, maybe
    Trinidad could end up being one of the 'per
    capita greenest'.
    There are big innovations happening in solar
    almost on a weekly basis, so it's never been
    a better time. Some if this is archived at:

    Just my 2c.

  3. Thanks for posting Curtis. I'm working for a sustainable, least environmentally harmful, most financially beneficial energy future for Trinidad. Perhaps a tall order, but a good one. I'll be posting about Ocean Energy in a few days, and will cross-link or repost to your comment there. Good suggestions, and thank you again. -Mike


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