Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Health Care Community Discussion - Transparency and Involvement

In case you missed the discussion, and would still like to participate, you'll have the chance. I will be emailing the list of questions and quick survey to complete the online portion of our meeting. If enough people want another face-to-face meeting, I'd be happy to do another one Monday the 29th - just call or email me and I'll set it up.

" Over the coming weeks, thousands of Americans will be leading Health Care Community Discussions -- small local gatherings in which Americans are sharing thoughts and ideas about reforming health care. President-elect Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary-designate Tom Daschle are counting on Americans from every walk of life to help identify what's broken and provide ideas for how to fix it. "

"No transition has tried something like this before, and your participation is essential to our success."

From John D. Podesta Co-Chair The Obama-Biden Transition Project
Regarding President-elect Obama and Secretary-designate for Health and Human Services (HHS) Health Care Community Discussion Project via email.

I'm excited by what I'm hearing here ... that transparency is the "essence of good legislating" - including and involving the people, through as many different ways of communicating as can be thought of.

Secretary-designate Daschle recorded a short message about these important discussions.
Watch the video.

They are seeking your ideas for how we ought to improve our system, from your own experiences and from stories and ideas that others have shared with you. They're putting together a list of ideas and proposals to work on from prevention, to hospital care and chronic care management. I will post links to guides and other materials here, and will poll some of our community leaders as to when and where we can set up a meeting or two. I will share any comments or suggestions you leave here on my Blog at the meeting(s) and include them in our final report.


  1. This is a great concept and is inspiring to have our leaders make an effort to be more involved and open to our comments. I would like to make sure that our national system recognizes alternative and complementary medicine as well as traditional western medicine. Last year 38% of Americans above the age of 18 used some form of alternative or complementary medicine. Just like education, the government needs to be diverse in its approach to keeping Americans healthy.

  2. From email:
    Dear Mike, thanks for prompt reply. I will try again on the blog when we return on the 26h. We would miss a meeting on the 24th obviously, but will be glad to attend a meeting on the weekend of the 27th. You are doing a good job on transparency, carrying on the Obama promises. Judy


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