Monday, December 1, 2008

Economic Downturn - What Can I do?

It's likely this economic downturn will not end quickly. What can we do to support our residents, friends, businesses, and local economy? The best thing we can do is keep doing what makes Trinidad the unique place it is. I look forward to learning what Federal and State relief may be available to Trinidad. My banker thinks that there is some small city help available.

Things we can do right now, and they're mostly free. Maybe smile a little more, wave a little harder, and look a little deeper for the good in people and opportunities around us. I've been wrestling with this Credit Crunch. I'm sure there are people in much more pain, and my heart goes out to struggling people everywhere. Even though it's financially gloomier than ever this year, I'm going to put a little extra effort into celebrating the holidays. 

So continue to enjoy and appreciate all of our beautiful, free area attractions, support our local businesses as much as you can, invite people to Trinidad for the Holidays, volunteer a few extra hours to help less fortunate neighbors, and maybe make it a goal to meet a new Trinidad Resident for the New Year. Need a reason to smile? Look outside and smile knowing we live in the most beautiful place on earth. Best wishes for a prosperous New Year.


  1. Hey Michael,

    Congratulations, I feel Trinidad is going to have a fresh and positive influence by your service. This is Mike Blaine, Pastor of Big Lagoon Community Church in Trinidad (across from hidden creek). Just wanted to know that any service I can be to you I am willing. We have the Trinidad Food Bank here at the church, Clothing Closet, the Trinidad Community Garden, and also the beginning of a teen center ( pool table, Half pipe, weight bench, basketball hoop, video games) . Our vision is to provide unconditional services to Trinidad’s community members, as we know it is a privilege to live in such a beautiful surroundings with a unique opportunity to be a town like no other. I agree, a smile, a wave, building relationships is great way to begin, and it’s free…707-499-2761 Pastor Mike <><

  2. I received two anonymous comments unrelated to this post - "Economic Downturn - What Can I Do?" Commenting without your name, or a way for me to check your statements is a cowardly act. I don't think I'll allow anonymous postings here any more. Perpetuating degrading hearsay and rumor serves no helpful purpose and I won't be party to it between commenters on my Blog.

    If the comment made is true, it was offered in an unspiritual, unhelpful way. It did not take my suggestion in this post to mind or heart. That suggestion, since you missed it, is this - let us "look a little deeper for the good in people and opportunities around us."

    It's been my experience that people who have suffered through something horrible themselves, have an unique perspective on the related lessons to learn. They will help others as they help themselves through the process. They may struggle every day, but I'll leave the flippant judging of my kind-hearted neighbors to a higher power than you and I.

    I'm happy to discuss your concerns further face to face. For now, try a smile, a wave. Building relationships based on humility, forgiveness, and trust is a great way to begin healing all kinds of pain - financial and otherwise.


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