Friday, December 12, 2008

Thank You and Good Luck to Trinidad and Our New Council

Thanks to everyone attending our Council meeting Wednesday. It was nice to see the place so full. It was a moving night for me taking the Oath of Office, and for wishing Chi-Wei well as he stepped down from an impressive position full of achievements.

To Our Council,

Thank you for putting up with and assisting me in what might be my steep learning curve ahead. I will work hard to deliver an appropriate return on your investment.

Stan, congratulations on your election as Mayor. I know you will do your best. If there are any meeting-running suggestions I might help with, please don't hesitate to ask.

Kathy, congratulations on your election. Your devotion to public input, not moving forward on a vote until you understand what you are voting for, and detail scrutiny of every word is both inspirational and laudable.

Julie, congratulations on your election. Your experience tempered with your openness to trying new things and righting wrongs will be invaluable.

With all our City Staff's experience, help, and sometimes unbelievable patience and therapeutic support, together we will make a great City of Trinidad Council.

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