Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bull in a China Shop - Why? Why? Why?

I'm not intending to break people here, just what I see as some upsetting habitual political behavior.

I'm being characterized as a bit of a "bull in a china shop" around our Town these days. Ok, I'll own that. I'd prefer sharp elbows and big feet, making room at the table for myself (lol). Advice like "You'll catch more flies with honey" and "Don't you know you're embarrassing people whose votes you need?" are flowing too. I'm not interested in "catching" anyone's vote, nor am I afraid that the best idea won't win out because I embarrassed or pissed someone off. Fear, it's not a great motivator for me.

While I don't for a second think my future fellow Councilmembers are fragile china that I'm breaking with my unsophisticated, stubborn or reckless aggressiveness, I'll admit that I've stepped on some toes I care about with my blogging. That's very easy for me to do, because I care about lots of toes here in Trinidad.

"Why are you blogging?" "Why would you want to be on the Council?" "Why do you live up there?"

I'll start with the easiest one first.
"Why do you live up there?" I live up here because I'm lucky. Lucky to have discovered Trinidad. Lucky to have the resources to move here. Lucky that I like everyone I know here - even the people that annoy me sometimes. In Trinidad, we are a lucky bunch.

Why do I want to be on the Council? That's a bit more complicated, but not too. Seems they've already printed my new sign, "Kick Me - I'm a Politician" haha. I'm starting to get a taste of what I've been dishing out. Sometimes, however, kicking some butt can be a good motivator. Back when we (note the sarcasm from disappointed feelings) were deciding whom to promote or hire for City Manager, some residents expressed their frustration over the appearance that the Council had made up its mind before the Public spoke. Never-mind that we got lucky with Steve - ends justifying the means is not acceptable procedure. It seemed like our Council was becoming less representative of our whole Town. Discussions were sounding too one-sided. My voice and some fellow townspeople's voices appeared under-represented.

That's when I decided I had to do something other than complain about it. That's when I decided to seek this position. While I'm pretty good about voicing my own opinions (lol), I chose to be a voice for those who feel under-represented and were loosing faith and trust in the current Council. This is also where my statement last Sunday comes from, "It's my intention to lead a change in the way we've been governing here - creating more faith, respect and pride in Trinidad's government." 

Now, how to do that brings me to "Why are you Blogging?" Discussion and statements are attempts to create reality, or at least, to shape it. By blogging, I'm seeking new perspectives, more participation, and more access for people I don't know yet. I'm organizing my information and people's input so I'll be better prepared to make decisions at meetings, without even the appearance of making my mind up before. I'm venting my frustrations and joy on my Blog, so I'll be less emotional and more practical in the meetings. I may be leaning towards support for some issue, but I will always strive to look at the other side, maintain an open mind, probably support the underdog, and do my public work publicly to the highest standards I know.

I've heard some positive and some resistive feedback to my blog. I receive glimmers of encouragement right when I start questioning myself and what I am doing here - online I mean, not here in Humboldt. If we truly are fragile china, I am sorry for the breakage. I'll get some glue and responsibly repair my mistakes. I'm not intending to break people here, just what I see as some upsetting habitual political behavior.

In the Fire Service there's a saying I hear - "Help us help you ..."

Like, in case of an emergency, "help us help you - make sure we can see your (hopefully lit) house number". I don't know if this blogging experiment will help, or if it's entertaining, or inspiring, or boring, or just hurtful - I've never blogged before. Please keep reading and bear with me, comment and help me help you, or just don't participate. Gossip and complaining is a form of participation too. I can only change, if I hear it though. This is a good forum for me to hear it in.

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