Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Efficiency and Goofiness - Out of Towners Speak-Up!

I love all the goofiness of Trinidad too. Along with the crashing waves, buoy bells and fog horn, boats bobbing, wildlife and natural beauty, our political scenery is mostly idyllic. Not only do we have a great opportunity to make a difference in our City policies, we also have a great opportunity to create a shining example of self-government we will all be proud of. 

Thank you for suggesting this timely topic. I believe we are mostly heading in the right direction. Our City Manger continues to be a huge, professional help moving us along. Our City Clerk is a priceless asset to our Town and lifestyle. Our Asst. City Clerk is showing initiative and a spirit of community volunteer involvement worthy of much praise. The rest of our City Staff continues to go beyond their job tasks and we are lucky to have them and all the volunteers that make Trinidad go. Does that mean there's no room for improvement?Clarification and simplification of Policies - the what-to-do and how-to-do it - along with clear job descriptions would seem to help. More ministerial approval of permits and such would seem to also help.

Whether you're a City resident or not, if you care about Trinidad, it's up to you to keep us on track. If there is a City of Trinidad Resident that doesn't appreciate Greater Area of Trinidad Residents, or anyone else who cares about Trinidad, participating in our government process, I don't know them.


Though not a city resident, I call myself from Trinidad. My favorite city by far.
I've had hours of meetings,conversations,and interactions with both the Clerk and City Manager over the last year and I've run my own business for 25 years. The handwriting is on the wall:
The city clerk and manager need job descriptions and annual or semiannual performance reviews.

With all the goofiness that entails Trinidad (we love it!) the only way there is going to be efficiency in its government is thru instituted
policy. Forget the tangents, there is not time!

I have recently seen awful mismanagement of a $230,000 grant occur over a period of three years. If it weren't so wasteful of taxpayer dollars one would have to just laugh.
Policy, job descriptions, and performance reviews would have averted this and we'd have access to the building I just completed for the Museum.

Looking forward with hope, 

Hi Mike,
Congratulations on the victory and good luck.
My wife Janine and I live .4 mile up Westhaven Drive. About ten years ago, we became aware that we were paying over 50% more on our monthly base water rate than those that live in town. When Janine asked Mr. Lin why, he said "because we can"
I sent him a letter expressing my view that it was unethical to charge more for a necessity when there is no extra cost involved to deliver the service, and as out-of-town residents, we could not even vote our opposition. I also told him that I understood the political reality of trying to equalize the rates at that time. But I was firm in the proposition that any future rate increases be made with the concept of equalizing the rates for all users rather than an flat increase across the board.. He acknowledged my point and said that he would keep it in mind the next time a water rate increase came into view.
I just wanted to inform you of not only our opposition to the current practice, but just about all of us up Westhaven Drive. The water has to pass our houses in order to get to town, so it is a shorter distance from the creek to here. Maybe we should even pay less. ;-)
Thanks for keeping us in mind even though we couldn't vote for you.
Yours truly,

Thank you for participating and encouraging me - I could use a little of both right now lol. Please know I'm not participating in consensus-building - it doesn't mater if you can vote for me or not. If an idea has merit, it will eventually win anyway, and fairness is a favorable argument. I will begin researching where we are, and what's the current plan. 


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  1. comment from Trinidad City Council - Notice and Call Wed 12/10 7PM: Hi Mike: Hope you find joy in working with the good people of Trinidad. I love the city. Please take good care of it. Just wish I could be there 24/7. You will find Gabe a great guy and very efficient City Clerk. When home, I always stop by to say hey and he is always helpful and thoughtful. Hope to meet you on one of my trips home. Love the idea of your blog... another source of information for we who can't always be home.
    Best Wishes, A Bradley Girl


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