Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Trinidad Top 10 - Where Do We Go From Here?

trinidad's southern coastline with Coastal National Monument sea stacks

No Particular Order - I think they're all important

  • 1) Water: Quality, Supply, Infrastructure, Waste, Environmental Impacts, Fire Protection

  • 2) Coast Guard/BLM: Transfer of Trinidad Head Property & Development

  • 3) Trinidad Rancheria: Trinidad Support for Increased Participation & Projects

  • 4) Trinidad's Conserved 12.5 Acres Management: Review & Implement from City's Perspective

  • 5) Planning: Complete General Plan Update, Ordinance Review & Codification, ADU Ordinance, Sustainability, Simplify Requirements & Procedures

  • 6) Trinidad Beautification: Gateway Oversight, Support Trinidad Community Organizations, Signage, Trails, Beautify City Easements, Fight "Urabanization" by finding alternatives to sidewalks, speed bumps, more traffic signs, painted curbs, etc.

  • 7) View Preservation & Restoration - 12.5 Acres View Easments, New Sign Ordinance, Replace & Upgrade Street Lights, Utilities Under-grounding, Trail Access/View Restoration

  • 8) Encourage Participation in Government: Build Trust by Council Policy and Procedure Review and Implementation with Public Committee Oversight, Streamline Meetings, Sales-Tax Committee Oversight, Budget Process Committee Oversight, Grants - Review Options & Increase Effectiveness

  • 9) Neighborhood Conservation & Business Incentives

  • 10) Communications & Infrastructure: Relocate Cell Towers - Accelerate Process & Increase Revenue, Free Wi-Fi for Trinidad - Explore and Implement, Storm Water Treatment, Roads & Parks Completion

New Year's Post:

The Bay is blue again! We are so lucky in Trinidad. Sometimes it rains and rains, and then you wake up, and the sun is piercing through the fog, lighting the Bay, and WOW! It is a wonderful way to start another day in the best place on Earth.

Wonderful New Day and New Year. New Years is a time of reflection and planning for many. What's working in our lives, what do we want to do better next year. People like to make lists, and countdowns are popular this time of year. I've been gathering friend's top 10's for Trinidad - a list of things they'd like to see the Council focus on and accomplish in the New Year '09. It'd be fun to know people's favorite top 10 things that got accomplished in '08 too.

I've heard there's a list of Trinidad things to-do somewhere - Julie provided an "unofficial [?]" list which I posted here in the comments. I'd like us to set up a system (Richard, help?) that tracks our projects online for everyone to follow our progress. Then people can remind us to stay on track, and git'rdun.

So shoot me an email ... let's make some plans, and enjoy our accomplishments. My list is below - I've been blogging about some of them for a while.

Feel Good

Be Kind

Share Joy

Happy New Year!

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  1. Hi Mike - nice to see your blog, S Cuthbertson

  2. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT an official City List. It is a compilation of current or pending projects that the public, council and staff have been or will be addressing in the future. It is a sample of what we will be working on all together.


    City Manager will oversee some or all of the following projects:

    TSA 12.5 acres
    Storm water and waste water runoff --reduce saturation of the bluff
    Undergrounding of utility lines throughout the city
    Development of Emergency Plan for the City
    Upgrade of water supply and storage systems
    Onsite Wastewater Treatment System ordinance
    Energy audit
    Election Process
    Installation of energy saving devices in public buildings
    Evaluation planning department
    Organization of City Codes for easy access
    Completion Dog Ordinance
    Development of Trail Ordinance
    Review Bed Tax collections process
    Oversee and complete General Plan
    Budget Planning
    Budget Management
    Long and Short-term Strategic Planning
    Library Infrastructure Improvements
    City Signage Review
    Beachfront/coastal garbage and toxic dumping clean-up
    Trinidad Head land management and potential transfer of ownership process
    Street light improvements
    Review of City fees, including licenses, fines and building rentals
    Employee training opportunities and professional development
    Participation with County/City Manager Team
    Liaison with City, County, State and Federal Agencies and Professional Organizations
    Assessment of Federal, State and non-profit grant opportunities
    Gateway Project Oversight
    Bay Ecosystem and Sea Grant Oversight
    Cell Tower Oversight
    Bluff Stabilization Education
    Trinidad Rancheria Partnerships

  3. I haven't found out where Julie's list (see above comment) came from, but I will ask at the meeting tonight. As part of our Communications and Procedures Agenda Item, I'll speak about the need for organizing and tracking our goals better - once we figure out what they are. - Mike

  4. It's a sad state of blogging when a post about something important, like this one seeking input for setting our Town's Agenda, gets fewer comments and attention than a rant of a titillating exchange of emotions.

    I know we can do better -MM

  5. Just remember this: Good Government is Boring.

    When things are running smoothly, people pay attention to other things. When people start paying attention, or you have a big crowd at meetings, someone's ox has been gored.

    But you'll get more comments as your blog becomes known, and as you build an online reputation.


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